NYCRERC - New York City Real Estate Regional Center

Previous EB-5 Success

Clean Air Car Service & Parking Project

As of today, the Regional Center covered several projects, one of which was the Clean Air Car Service & Parking Project. The Project Company, Clean Air Car Service & Parking Corp. (“CACS”) and its affiliated branches has become one of the biggest non-emergency medical transportation provider in New York City and the surrounding areas. CACS demonstrates uniqueness in providing environmentally friendly transportation services by using vehicles that utilize hybrid or other eco-friendly technology. CACS places a focus on working relationships with insurance companies, their respective agents, and also senior centers, in which they efficiently provide transportation services to clients on a daily basis. In collaboration with those companies, CACS has completed approximately over 500,000 trips since its establishment. CACS has created over 100 job positions for U.S. citizens and permanent residents without funding from the federal, state, and city government. As CACS continues to expand, it strives to increase business by maintaining current strong relationships with insurance companies while creating new relationships. Please visit their website,, to learn more about this dynamic and growing company.

Brief History

The New York City Real Estate Regional Center, and its initial Clean Air Car Service and Parking Project, were both approved by USCIS on April 3, 2012. The Project’s first investor filed the EB-5 application the following month – on May 11, 2012. Development of the Project was commenced upon the first investor’s I-526 approval in late April 2013. Because the Regional Center has a practice of pre-screening the lawful source of investment funds of potential investors, we maintain a 100% USCIS approval rate of I-526 investor petitions.

Project Success

To date, the project has created the minimum of 10 direct jobs for all our approved investors. One of our projects currently employs over 100 employees without assistance from the federal government. An additional 20-30% cushion per investor is created by indirect and induced jobs. With its continued success, the Regional Center has kept with the job creating policies behind the implementation of the EB-5 program and continues to stimulate the economy by assisting current and potential investors.