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New York City Real Estate Regional Center (NYCRERC) was approved by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) as a designated Regional Center on April 3, 2012 and is entitled to participate in the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program by demonstrating the ability to create jobs in the economic categories required by USCIS. Based on business development, the Regional Center has filed a request to amend its regional center designation with an amendment on December 17, 2016. The request for an amendment was officially approved by USCIS on October 31, 2017 based on the actual project compliance with EB-5 program requirements as per USCIS policy. As a result, we have helped dozens of foreign investors to obtain U.S. permanent residency, or green cards, through creation of qualifying jobs as required by the rules of EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program.

NYCRERC is a regional center, fund and project manager. We work with foreign investors from around the world and helping them to achieve their immigration goals. As of today, we have a 100% USCIS approval rate, and many of our investors are already living in the United States as permanent resident green card holders.

Why Our Regional Center?

NYCRERC's proven EB-5 track record and years of experience make us a reliable partner for those willing to immigrate to the United States. We only develop our own projects which allows for better control over the investment and job creation process. We vet our partners/vendors carefully and are committed to create economically feasible, financially sound, and transparent EB-5 investment projects that can be successfully funded by eligible foreign investors, who will achieve successful immigration outcomes.

Since the inception, we have delivered on our promises to EB-5 investors by running a successful project in New York that met the immigration requirements of the EB-5 program and allowed investors to receive their green cards in expedited manner (sooner than investors affiliated with other EB-5 regional centers).

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Regional Center Benefits

Vetted Investors

Because the Regional Center has a practice of pre-screening the lawful source of investment funds of potential investors, we maintain a 100% USCIS approval rate of I-526 investor petitions.

Innovative Projects

Our project involve the development and commercialization of transportation related software. In addition to software, the project also includes the purchase and operation of up to two parking facilities.

Full Compliance

To date, all components of our EB-5 businesses are fully operational and are creating revenue sufficient to repay all EB-5 loans in a timely manner. The Regional Center is in compliance with all USCIS requirements.

Job Creation

To date, the project has created the minimum of 10 direct jobs for all our approved investors. One of our projects currently employs over 100 employees without assistance from the federal government.

Win-Win Partnerships

The NYCRERC has seen much success and has kept up with the job creation policies for the EB-5 program and continues to stimulate the economy by assisting current and potential investors.

Populous Location

The data released by the New York City Tourism Bureau indicates that the number of tourists in NYC reached 50 million people in 2011. This guarantees excellent market prospects for car service industry.

Changes to the EB-5 Program

On March 15, 2022, President Biden signed into law the long-anticipated EB-5 reform measures as part of an omnibus spending package. The EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act of 2022 (the "Reform Bill") also reauthorized the EB-5 regional center program.

There are several changes related to the Bill. For example, there are set- aside categories which EB-5 investors can take advantage of:

  • Rural areas 20% of visa reserved.
  • High unemployment areas 10% of visas reserved.
  • Infrastructure projects 2% of visas reserved.

All set-aside categories are current for all nationalities. It is also the goal of the USCIS that set-aside categories will enjoy priority processing with the goal of 240 days for rural projects and 120 days for high unemployment. This would be a significant difference from the previous years processing time.

Additionally, there is a possibility of adjustment of status with the concurrent filing with I-5126E petition which is a great advantage for those investors who are already in the United States on different types of visas. While filing for adjustment does not provide any status, it does allow for the Employment Authorization Document ("EAD") to be issued along with a travel document (advanced parole).

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Investor Eligibility

While all investors will fill out Eligibility Evaluation Form to access their initial suitability, please keep in mind that we are not registered investment advisors and cannot provide any investment advice. Please consult your own financial advisor to assess the suitability and risks. Please contact us to receive the Eligibility Evaluation Form at There are several criteria to consider the EB-5 investment:

  • Risk tolerance: all EB-5 investments MUST be "at risk" according to the EB-5 policy;
  • Availability of investment funds; It can take a significant amount of time to obtain residency through the EB-5 program and funds need to be available for investment purposes. Investors cannot sell their primary residence and use these funds for EB-5 investment.
  • Source of Funds: Investment funds need to come from legit sources which needs to be documented and explained.

The EB-5 Proccess

Step-by-step Instructions for EB-5 individual investment. Please be advised, that this is a general procedure and steps may be subject to change. The immigration process under the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program takes multiple years and many steps to complete thus investors need to work with their immigration attorneys and the Regional Center closely to navigate the process smoothly.

  • Eligibility Evaluation Form - To initiate the process, the client would have to fill out and sign the Eligibility Evaluation Form. The form should be emailed together with the copy of the first page of investor's passport (Form attached)
  • Eligibility Confirmation: Once it has been established that the investor is eligible to participate in EB-5 process, the Regional Center will issue the official confirmation of the eligibility.
  • NDA: Once Eligibility is confirmed, the client signs the Non-Disclosure Agreement.
  • Executive Summary: Once the NDA is signed, the client's agent provides Project's Executive Summary for client's review.
  • Offering Documents: If, upon review of the Executive Summary, the client wants to proceed with the EB-5 investment, the Regional Center sends the client the Project's Offering Documents.
  • Deposit: After the client signs the Offering Documents, they need to wire the deposit in the amount of _______ to the Regional Center's account.
  • Immigration Attorney: Upon receipt of the deposit, the lawyer begins working with client's agent to collect the "source of funds documentation". The investor will have to demonstrate to the USCIS that the source of capital investment funds is legal. The investor will have to provide officially translated documents which we will request at a later stage. The client may have to hire their own immigration attorney to help them collect the proper "source of funds documentation". The Regional Center reviews the documentation and if approved, the investor is advised to proceed with the investment.
  • Investment Capital & Admin Fees: Once the "source of funds" is approved by the Regional Center, investor needs to wire investment capital and administrative fees into two separate Regional Center's accounts. The Regional Center will provide the wiring instructions for the transfer of administrative funds. The admin fee can be transferred in increments but the $800,000 capital investment needs to be transferred at once. The transfer of total amount of $900,000 should be completed before the I-526E package (immigration petition) can be filed with the USCIS.
  • Preparing & Filing the Petition: Once all information is in place, client's lawyer prepares the I-526E memo which will be combined with the "legal source of funds" and other business-related documents required for EB-5 process. The Regional Center then files the petition with the USCIS.
  • Adjudication & Approval: Once the petition is filed, the USCIS sends I-797 Receipt Notice confirming receipt of the petition. The USCIS then starts reviewing the case and may send Request for Evidence (RFE). The client together with their agent/lawyer need to provide the requested evidence in a timely manner to avoid any delays or denial.
  • Case Approved: After the I-526E petition is approved, the file is forwarded to the National Visa Center (NVC). And investor needs to provide the documents needed for visa interview.
  • Visa Interview: Once investor receives the interview, they need to go for a medical examination, which is focused mainly on checking vaccinations and on conducting blood tests and a tuberculosis test in order to make sure that investor and family members are free of any serious communicable disease.
  • Interview: Investor attends the interview and, if approved, investor and family members are issued immigrant visas. Investor needs to enter the U.S. during the 6-month validity period of the immigrant visa. At that stage, the investor and family members receive a conditional Permanent Resident status.
  • Case Denied: Investment capital in returned to investor. Return of the administration fees depends on the reason of denial. If denied not due to the fault of the investor, such as intentional misrepresentation of material facts, fraud, criminal activity, etc. the administrative fees are also returned to investor.
  • Adjustment of Status: After the I-526E petition is approved, investors who are already in the U.S. on other visas may file petition for adjustment of status.
  • I-829 Petition to Remove Conditions from Conditional Permanent Residence: Approximately two years (subject to change) after the issuance of the conditional Green Card, investors need to apply for conditions to be removed. At that time, the Regional Center provides all the necessary documents about fulfillment of the job creation requirement, and the petition is filed with the USCIS for the conditions to be removed.
  • I-829 Petition Approved: Investor and their family members receive a Permanent Green Card.
  • U.S. Citizenship: 5 years after approval of the Conditional Green Card, investor and their family members may apply for the U.S. Citizenship.

Costs & Fees

These are approximate costs for informational purposes only. Fee may vary depending on the service providers (immigration attorney, financial advisors, translation of documents, etc.) Also, please bear in mind that USCIS may change the filing fees at any time.

Phase 1

Filing Form I-526E

  • $800,000 - Initial investment capital total amount (for TEA or infrastructure projects)
  • $3,675 - Initial application (paid to USCIS)
  • $1,000 - EB-5 integrity fund
  • Other fees - May include attorney's fees, accounting fees, and money transfer fees, translations, etc.

Phase 2

Filing Form I-485 (can be filed concurrently with Form I-526E)

  • $1,140 per - USCIS filing (if over 14yr of age)
  • $750 per - USCIS filing (if under 14yr of age)
  • $490 - Other USCIS processing (estimated)
  • Other fees in this stage may include attorney's fees and money transfer fees

Phase 3

Filing Form I-829

  • $3,750 - USCIS processing
  • Other fees - may include attorney's fees, processing fees, and money transfer fees

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You can speak with a specialist during regular business hours using the chat in the bottom right part of your screen.
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Our Latest Investment Project

Operr Technologies

OPERR Technologies, Inc. is the latest EB-5 project company by NYCRERC. It combines patented technology with data it acquired from a previous successful project. The Project will use EB-5 investment funds to support the development and commercialization of transportation software.

Licensed & Operational

OPERR Technologies Inc., has been granted a Dispatch Service Provider (DSP) license on October 12, 2016. OPERR is now able to offer its on-demand transportation services within the New York City area. The software offers solutions to make customers' trips much easier, safer and affordable.


Industries Covered

  • On-Demand Transportation
  • Pre-Scheduled Transportation
  • Non-Emergency Medical Transportation
  • Traffic Violation & Accident Avoidance
  • Billing Module for Transportation Services
  • Intelligent Call Center System

Previous Project Success

Clean Air Car Service
& Parking Corp.

Learn about our previous successful EB-5 project that we have successfully launched. Our past project, Clean Air Car Service & Parking Corp., has to date surpassed the minimum requiremment of 10 direct jobs for all our approved investors. One of our projects currently employs over 100 employees without assistance from the federal government.

Learn More
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